San Francisco DPT – How To Protest Your Ticket

DPT CarI’ve been a loyal taxpaying San Francisco citizen for almost 4 years now but will always despise the way the city handles and abuses the parking and ticketing system. DPT which stands for “Department of Parking and Traffic” goes around the city and terrorizes the neighborhoods daily by writing tickets for expired parking meters, double parking, parking in driveways, etc. I understand the city needs to generate revenue and parking meter maids need to do their job by enforcing expired meters but I feel they severely abuse the system and take advantage of people especially the residents.

If you ever park in neighborhoods such as Cow Hollow for example, you’ll notice every street has street cleaning signs for specific times and days during the week in which you cannot park your car. Not only that but each side of the street has different hours and days. The city obviously makes it as difficult as possible for you to remember the day and time the street you actually parked on is going to be cleaned. It’s very similar to how Las Vegas casinos make it difficult to find the exit in hopes you stay longer and gamble more. Continue reading San Francisco DPT – How To Protest Your Ticket

COBRA Insurance Alternatives

COBRA insurance is the standard temporary insurance available to you after you quit or leave your current job. Most people assume it’s the only temporary insurance policy available so they just select it after their companies insurance policy expires (typically at the end of the month you quit).

I’ve used COBRA in the past and never needed to file a claim. Since I recently left my job and need a temporary 3-6 month insurance policy, I’ve began looking for a lower price alternative. COBRA quoted me $384 a month as a low risk single male! That was motivation enough to begin my search. Continue reading COBRA Insurance Alternatives

Japanese School in San Francisco

Bonsai Tree

I’ve talked about it for a while but I finally signed up for Nihonjin gakuen (Japanese school). I’ve taken Spanish and French in the past but never a difficult language like Japanese. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tokyo off and on over the last year for work so taking a structured class will help. The school I chose is located on Octavia and Pine called “Soko Gakuen”. The location is great, the schedule is great, and the price is right. It’s a 12-week intensive class where I’ll officially learn how to read & write Hiragana characters.Course Description
The development of survival listening and speaking skills, and basic vocabulary. Upon completion of thisJapanese Flag basic information–name, phone number, occupation; negate a sentence; make purchases; ask and answer course, the student should be able to: use daily expressions (greetings & salutations); provide and ask the price for things; ask and tell time, count objects; describe what one does and will do (going & coming, travel by taxi, etc.); describe locations; ask for information (What…? Where…? Who?… etc.).

Classes are Wednesday nights from 6pm – 9pm so a full weeks worth of material is covered in three hours. I just finished my first lesson tonight and felt pretty comfortable. The sensei loaded us up with homework and it’s finally homework I’m excited and willing to do. Makes a big difference when you actually enjoy the class!

So here’s a link to the Japanese School but being an SEO-guy, I’ve of course analyze their site. A pagerank of 5/10 is not bad for a poorly chosen url hanging off the site. I almost just want to suggest a change to a new prominent domain like or something. Not only will it improve their brand but also make it easy for their students to remember. Ok….enough with the SEO stuff.
Sayonara for now!