Lasik Surgery – Day 1

I woke up around 8am from the Hotel Valencia in Santana Row and rubbed my nearsighted eyes for the last time. I then put on my glasses and headed down for a complimentary breakfast (which was actually quite good).

Around 9am I showered and dressed up before hitting the road. Once I got to the dr’s office I signed in and had a seat. I was supposed to get one last examination to see if I qualified for Wavefront lasik surgery which is the latest and greatest method. Unfortunately after a short visit with the dr, it turns out I was borderline qualified because my corneas are too thin. I thought about it for a minute and then decided to opt out and just go with the traditional IntraLase procedure.

I then met with a patient councelor to sign my life away and decide on how I plan to pay. There were three lasers to choose from (who knew) and I wanted the best. The top of the line laser actually had a built in eye tracker in case I had problems holding still. Turns out the dr. said it was best if I didn’t use that one. Good thing because it saved me an extra $600. Thanks doc!

So after taking some valium, my eyes were anesthetized with eye drops . I was then taken into the IntraLase room and laid down. an instrument called a lid speculum was used to hold my eyelids open. A ring was placed on my eye and very high pressures was applied to create suction to the cornea. My vision dimmed while the suction ring was on and I felt pressure and experienced some discomfort during this part of the procedure. A laser shaving was made with an instrument known as a microkeratome, to expose the inner layer of my corneas, creating a “flap.” After both eyes had been shaved, I was taken into another room.

This room contained the laser which was then used to vaporize a very thin layer of my corneal tissue, 0.2 microns at a time. My corneal flaps were then reflected back to restore the corneal surface. The whole surgery only took around ten to fifteen minutes.

Electronics Mania

This weekend was quite an exciting one around the bay area. The SF Marathon, Gilroy Garlic Festival, 1st Grand Prix in San Jose, Folsom St Festival, and the Stanford Pro Tennis Tournament. So did I leave anything off? 🙂 So which of the events did I end up attending? Well, none of the above actually….I ended up going out to a nice dinner at First Crush on Friday night and then walked around the city all Saturday. At dinner I learned what wine “flights” were and tried one myself. Mmmm in my mind these are known as “samplers”. Who ever came up with “flights”?? Oh well, I’ve been introduced to the finer side of wine.
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